Assignment: Unilateral Dependence

Technical Error of Measurement (TEM)
Improving Reliability

Thoroughly trained raters

Periodic monitoring of raters

Retest and calibrate instruments

Add appropriate items and delete those that lower the alpha coefficient to increase homogeneity
Improving Reliability

Standardize the conditions under which testing is done and minimize any distractions

Make instructions clear, standardized
After reading Chapter 6 and reviewing the lecture power point (located in lectures tab),  please answer the following questions.  Each question must have at least 3 paragraphs and you must use at 3 least references (APA) included in your post.

1. What do you think about the current image of nursing?

2. What factors facilitate professional role development in Nursing?

Education and


to the Professional

Nursing Role

Chapter 6
Professional Socialization

• Socialization involves a process by which a

person acquires the knowledge, skills, and sense

of identity that are characteristic of a profession

• Involves internalization of values and norms of

the profession

• Formation is the development of perceptual

abilities, the ability to draw on knowledge and

skilled know-how, and a way of being and acting

in practice and in the world
Goals of Professional Socialization

• To learn the technology of the profession

• To learn to internalize the professional culture

• To find a personally and professionally

acceptable version of the role

• To integrate this professional role into all of

the other life roles
Essential Features of Nursing (1 of 2)

• Provision of a caring relationship that

facilitates health and healing

• Attention to the range of experiences and

responses to health and illness within the

physical and social environments

• Integration of assessment data with knowledge

gained from an appreciation of the patient or

Essential Features of Nursing (2 of 2)

• Application of scientific knowledge to the

processes of diagnosis and treatment through

the use of judgment and critical thinking

• Advancement of professional nursing

knowledge through scholarly inquiry

• Influence on social and public policy to

promote social justice

• Assurance of safe, quality, and evidence-based

Roles of the Professional Nurse

• Provider of care

• Designer/manager/coordinator of care

• Member of a profession (AACN, 2008)
Professional Nursing Values

• Commitment to public service

• Autonomy

• Commitment to lifelong learning and


• Belief in the dignity and worth of each person
Socialization Through Education

• Stage 1: Unilateral dependence

• Stage 2: Negative/independence

• Stage 3: Dependence/mutuality

• Stage 4: Interdependence
From Novice to Expert

• Stage 1: Novice

• Stage 2: Advanced beginner

• Stage 3: Competent

• Stage 4: Proficient

• Stage 5: Expert
Facilitating the Transition to

Professional Practice

• Potential transition issues

– Reality shock

– Role conflict

– Role transition shock

• Role transition assistance

– Internships and externships

– Residency programs and preceptor support
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